Team Marine Syndicate has successfully salvaged below given vessels on west coast of India.

1) Salvage & Recovery of Sunken ship M. V. Baronet in Gulf of Cambay (Gujrat) in April 1993.

2) Salvage & Recovery of grounded ship M. V. Concord near Bhavnager, (Gujrat) in May 1997.

3) Salvage & Recovery of abandoned Lebanese ship M. V. Al–Murtada having AK-47 guns on board, off Deogad, Sindhudurg coast in rough seas on 17, 18 & 19 July 2002.

4) Salvage & Recovery of Australian yacht Alien III from Utambar rocks near Kelashi in September 2003.

5) Salvage & Recovery of grounded tug M. T. Atul on coast line of Ambolgad, Dist : Ratnagiri in September 2005.

6) Salvage & Recovery of half Sunken tanker ship M. T. Harikrupa off Malvan, Dist : Sindhudurg in January 2010.

7) Salvage & Recovery of sunken tug M. T. Anukul in Jaigad creek in April 2013.

8) Salvage & Recovery of service boat M. L. Vasudev in Jaigad creek in June 2018.

Salvage of Al Murtada off Devgad coast

Salvage of M.T. Harikrupa at Malvan

Salvage of Alien 3  at Utambar Rocks

Salvage of Tug Anukool in Jaigad creek